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Gluten Free Flour Blend (all purpose)

As my wife has Celiac Disease, we use Gluten Free flour almost exclusively. I say almost because sometimes, for myself or guests, there will be a recipe that will just not work with a gluten free flour (at least that I’ve found). But for most recipes, it substitutes just fine! This recipe was STOLEN from a wonderful Natural Health blog at:


  1. 500g (2 cups) White Rice Flour

  2. 500g (2 cups) Brown Rice Flour

  3. 500g (2 cups) Sweet Rice Flour

  4. 500g (2 cups) Buckwheat Flour  

Stir together and use in place of all-purpose flour for all your cooking and baking needs.


Sometimes GF Buckwheat flour is hard to find, if so GF Oat flour or Teff flour can be used in its place. In my experience Teff is a bit heavier than Buckwheat so cakes and cookies may be a bit more dense.  WHile oat flour is shorter making cookies and cake a bit more crumbly.  

The sweet rice flour lends quite a bit of sweetness to this blend however it is an important part of the blend as it lends the elasticity that most GF flours are lacking.

There are many awesome gluten free flours out there; each with thier own unique flavor.  Try out a few to see what you like.

Gluten Free Flour in a simple plastic container

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